Sunday, February 5, 2012

TripCase vs. TripIt


I don't know about you, but when I travel I find there's a lot of information I need to keep track of - flights, hotel confirmation, shuttle services, etc. A few years ago, I started using TripIt on my iPhone. Recently, I stumbled across a different app - TripCase - and have decided to compare the two, using both on my upcoming trips. TripCase is even offering a FREE trial period for its Pro version until the end of 2012.  Pretty good marketing, if you ask me.

One of the first differences between the two is that TripCase does not offer an iPad version, which is a bit disappointing. Perhaps this will come in the future? Both offer two methods of entering trip data - manually, or importing (via email confirmations). In this respect, both operated smoothly. Currently, even though I have two additional trips planned, I only have the data available for my next trip, a cruise. Once I finalize the bookings for another trip, I will be able to compare the two apps as far as multiple trip list views.

TripIt also allows me to connect with others who have TripIt accounts - a nice feature for business travelers and families. I use this feature often. TripCase looks to have this same functionality, although I have not set it up, as none of my existing contacts have TripCase accounts.

Both apps also have the ability to publish information to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), although I'm not sure I'd want to share that much.

Both apps also have the ability to share your trips to your online calendars, via subscription, something I use all the time.

Both apps have associated web sites which also allow for manual entry of your trip info, although I personally prefer the layout of the TripIt site. Both apps have free and paid versions, but I do not yet know what the cost of the Pro TripCase account is; I've been unable to find it on their site. TripIt offers their Pro version for $49 a year, not really a bargain unless you're a road warrior.

One of the features which caught my eye with TripCase is its notifications - when I land, TripCase will let me know if a connecting flight has changed, or remind me to check my hotel to see if I can check in early. It will also provide traffic updates if I'll be driving to my next destination. TripIt also shares some of this functionality, but at a $49 per year cost. right now, while TripCase Pro is free, that will be my preference.

Overall, both apps offer nice visuals and comprehensive features, and I'm looking forward to exploring their differences on my next trip.


Ok, the verdict is in - it's a tie. No, seriously. I have two more trips scheduled this year, and will continue to use both apps. I really can't decide which I like better. At least not yet.



  1. I've only just started using TripCase but prefer Tripit I think. Another contender is Kayak- although it's possibly not as detailed, it does have 2 advantages over Tripit- you can access the original booking email form the app, and it's much prettier!

  2. I've been a TripIt user for several years. I recently switched temporarily to TripCase b/c my travel agent's system (Sabre) uses them, so my itineraries would get auto-entered there and I didn't even have to forward emails to them as I have always done w/ TripIt. It just seemed easy. Generally it's a nice service, but I went back to TripIt after a couple months.

    Why? I routinely have to tweak the info on my trips. TripIt makes this easy. In TripCase, it's essentially impossible, at least the way I work. When you receive an itinerary via a travel provider (which is how most of my travel is booked), only the provider can make changes to the listing, I can't make changes myself on the fly (no pun intended). This is a deal killer for me, there's no way the original record is going to be perfect, and w/ TripCase, I'm stuck with incomplete or just incorrect info, there's just no way I can wait for travel agent to fix all the little nits that arise along the way.

    So I'm back to TripIt, which I have found to be pretty reliable, but still a good ways short of perfect, when interpreting travel itineraries that I send them. There's always a good reason, and they are very responsive, but net net, I have to spend too much time manually fixing various errors. On balance, I have much better luck, and a much easier time fixing little errors, with TripIt, so I'm sticking with them, at least for the next while.

  3. I travel a few times a year for business and have found TripCase to be the best for me. The icon for tripit looks better but that is where it stopped for me when I found out that I have to pay to use it. TripCase is free which is the best option. I routinely make seat changes from what my company selects for me and TripCase automatically updates this all the way through. The flight and road traffic information has saved me a few times from missing flights. On more than one occasion TripCase has notified me of a Friday flight change or delay that allowed me to make changes to my itinerary before I got stuck somewhere. TripCase is an excellent app with great features and will remain my travel app of choice.